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Anyvan and shocking customer service

Complaint against

Booked an Anyvan removal as per recommendation of Ebay seller. Did a bit of quick research and saw the high reviews on Trustpilot so decided to go ahead with the move. Pricing was in the ball park of general man in a van type services and as it seemed it was a fully fledged company all seemed to be ok. Collection went ahead for my two items and then the driver did other jobs (which i don't have an issue with) but eventually when my items were delivered, one was broken during transit as it didn't look like it had been secured in the van properly and the leg was broken off of the piece of furniture. Both the driver and I took photos and he said to call Anyvan to report it as there is insurance in place and he left. I called Anyvan as soon as i got in the house and reported it. I received an email the next day asking for all the details which i promptly returned the same day along with pictures of the damage.. I have been calling constantly for the last two weeks trying to get an update and just being told every time that they are trying to get hold of the transport provider to "mediate".. After doing more investigation I found that Anyvan just subcontract all the work out to man in the van people which is misleading because all the images on their website show branded vans and people with branded shirts and jackets etc.. Only when you dig around the website do you see that they mention some "transport providers" don't have branding.. So now i have to sit and wait with a broken piece of furniture, a customer services team that don't really have customer service at mind and still no idea what is going to happen with my claim or anything.. Last update, “we are still trying to get hold of the driver..” but no doubt, that driver is still taking Anyvan jobs!! There is no timeframe as to when this will get sorted out, I just have to sit and wait.. Its absolutely ridiculous how bad the service is from Anyvan! Quick to take your money but wet tar moves faster when you try and get anything done as in this case! Rather look for another moving company that doesn’t subcontract work out otherwise rent a van yourself and save the possible stress if something goes wrong!! **Update** Apart from taking forever to get back to me, this is part of the response i have received: "Despite our Terms of Use being clear that AnyVan are not liable for damage, we can, in certain situations, decide that a goodwill gesture is appropriate. In light of this, I would like to offer you £100.00 by way of an apology for the issues you have encountered." So for all their boast of £50k insurance, and with their business being moving of goods, apparently damage while moving is not covered... Great company this is! Steer clear everyone of this sham company! I am going to be posting this on every single review site that i can find! Oh, and by the way, it clearly states in their insurance T&C's on their website that they do cover damage during moving! So i am fighting them on this!! Hey Anyvan, what is your response to this now???

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