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I booked a van with this company any van,they said the driver would be in touch with me the day before pick up, he did not so i contacted the driver and he said that he would not be doing the job after all and that someone from anyvan should have let me know. they did not, i got in touch with any van eventually who said they would arrange another driver. they gave me the contact details for this other driver, iwas told the item that they would be picking up would be between 8 and6 oclock in a van, when my item got picked up from the seller around 7.30 in the evening in a car. the item was too big to fit in the car so it had to be broken down in pieces so that it would fit in the car. thats why i booked and paid for a van as i knew it would not fit in a car. when i booked anyvan they asked me the size and weight, of the item which i told them. I am very disopointed .

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