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Complaint against

Horrible customer service received over the phone. The customer assistant was practically shouting at me. I went through so much hassle with the man absolutely appalled. Spoke absolute waffle too. The employee failed to give me accurate and adequate help over the phone. I even asked to talk to a supervisor or a manager and he gave me silly excuses as to why he can transfer me to them. There was an issue that I had with my booking; I was told that my payment “failed” however i straight away contacted my bank who informed me that the payment was sent. I tried to even give him the transaction iD and he refused to pass it over to the accounts team. Massive waste of my time and horrific experience with him. I have no trust in your company to the extent that it is imperative that I get a new card once I’m done with AnyVan. The employees took my bank details over the phone and sent the payment again up to three times. Even went to the extent where he blatantly lied and said my card had expired. Something that was right in front of me with a expiry date of 2021 he has the audacity to be lying to me. I am absolutely furious.

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