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Simone Russell


Terrible service

Complaint against

Wasted money on terrible service I have used anyvan in the past and had no issues. But my recent experience was horrible. The driver was rude, selfish and arrogant. He only seemed to care to come earlier than the expected time slot to "finish up early". Even after getting customer service to order driver to come back to the allocated time. He was still being very unreasonable. I do understand that a driver can only stay at the property at a certain time and also that there is an expected quantity mentioned. But in all fairness he only used the extra box charge not to do the job. Than after adding the extra box, obviously not recieving any email. He just left. What makes it worse is that customer service are not providing a refund all because of the extra item and claim of staying too late!!!! The driver just left anyway which made my plans hellbent. He seemed to want a reason not to complete a job. He was in the wrong!!!!! This made things very stressful. So I have wasted my money on rubbish service. Thanks (!)

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