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Riru's complaint against Servicing Stop

Riru Mont


AVOID. Late delivery and poor customer service

Complaint against Servicing Stop

sed service stop in the past and was very satisfied, if things go well they are good. Unfortunately this time round things didn’t go well, I didn’t receive my car within the day as assured by the customer advisor, I had to contact them at five o clock because no one had yet got in touch, I had to go and pick up my baby car seat from the garage the day after, and one of the extra works I was recommended wasn’t probably really needed (I should have checked before approving the payment, when I asked to cancel that extra part half an hour after sending the payment it was apparently already too late, although it was six o clock and my car was not delivered on the day). The most disappointing thing is to get in touch with their customer service - after dealing with very grumpy and half bothered phone advisors- explaining honestly the situation and expressing disappointment, asking for a goodwill refund and being asked for a receipt for travel costs. I am sorry they fail to see the point and I am sorry to say I will never trust them or use them again.

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Raj Nathwani | | VERIFIED

Read the following - BBC Watchdog on sErvicing Stop on youtube, Guardian review ... do not use this company , they will rip you off. Their management motto for employees is "leave your conscious at the door when you come to work" ... steer clear of them
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