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Sue's complaint against Servicing Stop

Sue Mustapha


Breach of contract

Complaint against Servicing Stop

I booked my car in with these people for the following same day services- 1. Collect car 8am - 10am 2. FULL service (approximately 3 hrs) 3. Check engine warning light (approximately 1 hr quoted 1hr labour + vat) 4. MOT (approximately 45 minutes ) 5. return car between 4pm & 6pm The car was collected at 11am and taken to Croydon (approximately 1hrs) travelling time. The MOT was failed at 12.37pm. I was called by them at 2pm to be advise it had failed mot. I was informed the 3hr service was done prior to mot and checked engine warning light had also been done prior to service. I was informed the car required a diagnostic tests of 1hr at the charge of £50.00 plus vat to find emissions fault. The car was not returned to me on at the agreed time or day. I was not called about the diagnostic tests results that I paid extra for. Upon calling there office I was informed that I would have to wait until next day to be updated as to my car repair status and have the return of my car. I did not hear from them the next day and therefore contacted them directly to be told that the car requires a lamda sensor @ £168.97 + vat in order to pass mot. Summary- The car arrived at the garage at 12pm there is no way that the 3hr service was completed before the mot at 12.37pm (garage confirmed this time) or the engine warning light check was done. This has given me cause to believe that they have relied upon the MOT instead of carrying out the full service as agreed and charged me for. if they had of done the servive and checked engine warning light as directed the car faults / repairs would have been diagnosed before the mot failure. I therefore am not satisfied the full service was carried out. I also requested that any parts replaced that the old parts are returned with the car. This did not happen. Given the above time frames and them admitting that the MOT was done prior to the service which they consider is an acceptable procedure / practice. They had not given me the full fact the day before to make an informed decision as to how to proceed. I requested 3 times to talk with a senior manager who I was informed would call me back on the 3 occasions I called. They have failed to return my calls to discuss my concerns. I have had to pay under protest to get my car back. My car had a full current mot when they collected it with 10 days before expiry. I now have no mot as the failed one they did has proceeded my valid mot. I have no car and have been charged £181.62 against the original quote of £121.62. MY CAR WENT TO THEM ON THURSDAY 08 December 2016, MY CAR WAS RETURNED "SATURDAY 10 December 2016" 3 days without my car and no apology from them or calls to keep me informed. UPDATE- 13 December 2016 My car was eventually returned after 3 days, No MOT or repairs. My car was taken to a different garage and subsequently passed it's MOT with No Failure or advisory. The MOT station was requested to pay particular attention to the emission of the car. They reported back, that the cars emission levels were Extremely good... Please also note the following; from your Senior Customer Care Advisor "Dear Mrs, Thank you for your response. I would like to apologise as there seems to have been a miscommunication as I am aware that you had been advised that R..... would be handling your complaint however, R..... does not handle complaints. As mentioned earlier, I would like to assist you further in resolving your complaint due to the poor level of service you had experienced from us. Aside from the collection and delivery, were there any further issues you had experienced during your service? I look forward to hearing from you" Given I have forwarded an extensive email to the company with full details of what transpired. I find it woefully unsatisfactory that their Senior Customer Care Advisor responce seems to be completely ignorant of my complaint in full and is mearly only aware of "collection and delivery issues" . UPDATE DATE 17 DEC 2016 Still awaiting Mr R..... to contact me directly as was informed of on the 9 Dec he would be handling this directly; 8th February 2017 and still no contact from this company to deal with my complaint... UPDATE 14 JANUARY 2017 No contact or communication to date. Mr R...... seems to be a fragment of their imagination. Who in their right mind would pay for a service on a car that is un road worthy????? I have still Not been given the diagnostic tests results that I paid for... UPDATE 06 Feb 2017 No response from this company as to my full complaint above. They have failed to respond to my emails of 09 December 16 12 December 16 13 December 16 27 January 17 06 February 17 My car failed MOT and then pass at another garage with no problems... I request a FULL refund of all money paid to them under protest, by return as per my email to thier office = £182.62 due to breach of contract and failing to provide evidence of work undertaken on my car (Ref 55047).

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Raj Nathwani | | VERIFIED

Read the following - BBC Watchdog on sErvicing Stop on youtube, Guardian review ... do not use this company , they will rip you off. Their management motto for employees is "leave your conscious at the door when you come to work" ... steer clear of them
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