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Antonio Di's complaint against Servicing Stop

Antonio Di Placido


Charged twice for just one car service

Complaint against Servicing Stop

Hi am Mr. A. Di Placido, my complaint is against the Sevicingstop garage, which on the 31/08/ 2016 have done the interim service to my car, which is vauxhall corsa 1.2, when they have finished later on the same day, they have sent to me one text message to my mobile phone, and the was telling me the car was ready and I just needed to pay before the my car was returned at my home address, so they called me to tell to pay, but they say was okay to pay on line, so I log on the site the sent me and I done the transition, whit my debit card of the £127.08, but after 20 minute I received one other phone call from them, and was say to pay, but I was surprise because I have ready paid and the payment went true and was accepted by C.A.R.S., but the guy was on the phone, said they have not received any payment, so I have explained the fact I have ready paid, to the link they have sent to me, but he said I have paid to the wrong side which was Sage/pay, but instead to help my he asked to pay true the phone telling my card number and other details, but this time I paid one other £127.23, which I think was overcharged, for interim service whit out MOT, now the problem is I contacted both this company several times but whit no good result and I left whit stolen money and with out help or explanation, please if is the chance to help me to get my money back? thank you!

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Raj Nathwani | | VERIFIED

THey should be shut down , rip off britain Read the following - BBC Watchdog on sErvicing Stop on youtube, Guardian review ... do not use this company , they will rip you off. Their management motto for employees is "leave your conscious at the door when you come to work" ... steer clear of them
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