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Ahmed's complaint against Servicing Stop



Servicing Stop - Worst Servicing Ever

Complaint against Servicing Stop

I have actually now seen the BBC watchdog reviews and how they got refunded , also seen the guardian review and I wish I seen that before I used them I booked a the highest service [Full Service] on the 28 November, the driver arrived 1 hour late, did not check the car and he was in hurry I forgot to give him the special wheel nut but I manage to tell him there 1 dipped front bulb that need replacing. then I received a phone call from the garage informing me of approximately 6 services items that apparently not covered that I need to pay and I was given an estimate of more than £640. (Incl one front dipped bulb for £42 +VAT) I felt like being blackmail or entrapment. I refused to be used in such a way and asked for the service to be cancelled and the car returned back to me. was told this can not be done as they already started. The driver returned at 6pm, parked the car in the car park and came upstairs to tell me the light is not working and it is not safe to drive the car. when I went down to the car all the front light was not working in a clear a deliberate damage. I guess it is a pay back because I refused to be trapped or accept the extortion prices. I called servicing stop help desk but they said I had to email the customer care team the following team. I asked how am I going to get home, no idea. I wrote to complain the following day. They responded 2 weeks later with excuse after excuse and then 5 weeks later they tell me they can't do anything for me because I decided to replace the bulbs myself. Can you imagine they wanted me to do nothing for 5 weeks while the car is dangerous to drive with no lights till they decide. Also I am wondering even the services were done since I had the wheel nut in my Pocket. the Dash board showed the average miles per gallon to be 8/Gallon. BMW 520 runs average of 38/gallon in urban driving. they use slogans like: “Best price guarantee-Find a better deal, we match it” Never again to use them

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Raj Nathwani | | VERIFIED

Yep nver ever use them again ! i made that mistajke once

Raj Nathwani | | VERIFIED

Read the following - BBC Watchdog on sErvicing Stop on youtube, Guardian review ... do not use this company , they will rip you off. Their management motto for employees is "leave your conscious at the door when you come to work" ... steer clear of them

Raj Nathwani | | VERIFIED

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