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Grace's complaint against Servicing Stop

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Complaint against Servicing Stop

Due to positive reviews and unbeatable prices advert I thought I gave this a go. Firstly, the driver who collected my car was rude. When he could not find my place he started shouting at me over the phone and thrown insults. He even threatened to cancel my booking. When I said fine cancel it then , he changed his tune. He even said they already ordered the parts (how can you when they do not know yet what’s wrong with the car?). Then the dreaded call. Failed MOT. To fix the faults the total I had to pay was £833.02! Wow! I may be a new driver and only held the car in November 2018 but I knew and did not feel anything off with the car. It was running quite smoothly up until 2 days before it was collected. Another thing, they did not give me a chance to have it checked somewhere else. They told me it was a dangerous and major fault so it had to be fixed immediately. I know the rules. Dangerous, yes I can’t. But with the major fault they could have offered for me to have it repaired somewhere else which I thought would still cost me cheaper. Then before the end of the day I was told my car will not be delivered due to a “lot” of things that needed to be done. Still waiting dreadfully for my car. Yes I am responsible as much to this incident. But if I have read other websites for the reviews I would have never, ever, never use this SS!

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