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Kirstie's complaint against Crescoe Motor Company




Complaint against Crescoe Motor Company

We got a car with crescoe motor company on 16 August! Car was good! Told us he had done m.o.t, car service the lot! Was really excited about getting this car! Just had a new born at the time and having 2 children already and needing a car for school runs! So when we did all the signing papers etc he told us we had 3 months warranty if anything was to go wrong! Today the car steering by wheel won't unlock, the key won't turn in the ignition! Tried to ring Wayne Godfrey up and non of the numbers are working, his website isn't coming up or nothing! So my partner decided to go down there and see what's going on! It's up and left! It's now been taken over by another company and dealer man! Really don't know where to go with this?!? Who can help us? What leg do we have to stand on??

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