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Lynda's complaint against Click Car Credit

Lynda henfrey


Let down

Complaint against Click Car Credit

When I contacted click car credit they where insuring me I was going to get a car. Convinced me I got the credit I needed and was going to drive away that day with a car. I told them I had problems getting finance they said that was fine so we started to get excited about getting a car which I needed despratly for my disabled son who was not on high rate disability so had to buy the car our selves. They got a driver to pick us up and we drove for about 2 hours still thinking we was going to return home in our own car. We picked the car we wanted and they took all my details saying everything was good and promised we was getting a car then all of a sudden it all went sour just because I had one direct debit that had been cancelled on my bank statement which had been resolved by the company I owed. But no that wasn't good enough for them!! They said no after I explained and it totally disappointed us after all the hype they gave us and putting are hopes up. And then they took us home and then we had to disappoint the children that we couldn't get a car. Now we can't get my son to his appointments because he gets so stressed out on public transport so thanks click car credit for shattering are hopes of having are own transport. I will never recommend this company to anyone. So now back to square one! ...

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I understand your disappointment but you are better off they are a disgusting company
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