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Complaint against Agha Garage

I asked the garage about the fault and the cost of my car to consider whether i can repair the car or not.i was assured nothing to worry i will look at it and let you know. i went back to find him demanding 120 pounds for finding the car's fault which was the fuel pump regulator need to change at a cost of 200 pounds plus another 120 pounds labor plus VAT..oh my God why all these charges i asked you for estimate and you demanding 120 ponds to find the fault.he replied if you want your car you MUST pay the money otherwise don't waste my time i have to go and borrow the money in order to get my old car from this RIP OFF mechanic and found myself take out that regulator myself and change the fuse at a cost of 49 pence instead of paying the extra 320 pounds plus VAT..I WONDER what would happen if anybody face that kind of rip off mechanic would do other than curse him for ripping people off also who will investigate him beside he did not give me invoice when i asked him his answer was it will cost you another 24 pounds VAT which i didn't have

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