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Jonny's complaint against ALD Automotive

Jonny Glass


Poor customer service

Complaint against ALD Automotive

I updated my address with ALD months ago (via my leasing company who have confirmed this was done at the time). I recieved a ticket for driving in a bus lane (my own stupid fault) but as ALD had my wrong address, I never received the letters. Luckily the lady I used to live with noticed I was receiving quite a few letters and forwarded one to me - just in time - I was about to have a CCJ taken out on me by the council. Despite my leasing company contacting ALD numerous times to try and have the matter resolved, ALD have not responded. They were STILL sending letters to my old address 4 months after this incident. Absolutely disgraceful that ALD are just "ignoring the issue". I have been reasonable and requested ALD pay the additional charges I suffered on the fine - as if I was aware of it I would have paid within the 14 days - but they clearly don't value their customers enough to be willing to even respond to this request...

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