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Tony's complaint against ALD Automotive

Tony Louis


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Complaint against ALD Automotive

I have been in contact with ALD automotive regards struggling financially for 8 months though have kept up with my payments, firstly i asked if i could reduce my contractual mileage with a response that my monthly contract hire would increase so obviously didn't take up this offer, secondly after further contact asked for a early termination fee the response being return the car back with £3600.00 so no car and a big bill, i did not take up this offer, third after further contact i could reduce my monthly payments but on doing this return the car immediately and still have the same £3000.00 plus bill but longer to pay it off Basically the same early termination but worded differently, finally i was contacted by someone who offered to take the contract off me (transfer the contract) so contacted ALD automotive and offered to pay any administration fee for them to re-write the contract this, they point blankly refused to discuss it.

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