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Bronagh 's complaint against Britannia Taxis

Bronagh Slater


Bad attitude and no taxi!

Complaint against Britannia Taxis

I booked an airport pick up from John Lennon airport for an Airbnb guest coming in from Geneva. At the time of the booking I asked for an estimate of cost they told me £10-£12 so I relayed that to my guest. Then I get a call from the driver asking me?? if the plane had landed - I explained that I wasn't the passenger but that the plane was due to land at 2.30pm. He then said if I go in now and he's not there I'll have to pay parking charges of £3. I said I would send the guest a message on Airbnb to see if he was landed already. Got a response back saying standing outside lots of taxis but none with Britannia on? I tried to call the driver again - 5 or 6 times and straight to voicemail. I called Britannia and got the most unhelpful and bad attitude "supervisor" called Lorraine. She constantly talked over me was condescending and then told me the booking had been cancelled by me - which it hadn't. Then she said she would send a priority taxi but it was more likely to cost £17 or £18 now. When I queried this with her she again in a patronising manner advised me that a taxi quote cannot be accurate. I asked her to explain why her quote was so much more than the original quote. Also my guest would now be liable for the parking fees (this had never been mentioned before). In the end her bad attitude forced me into cancelling the whole booking. Now my guest will have a bad impression of me and I will never use Britannia even again. Absolute disgrace.

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