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Keith's complaint against Auto Windscreens

Keith Francis



Complaint against Auto Windscreens

These guys have to be the worst company in history and how they are still trading God knows! this is my timeline of events at DAY 39 after i received another call this morning to say that the glass had arrived but was not in a fit state to tbe fitted and it would be order direct from Audi this time, this is the third time i was told this and they now expect me to wait up to another 7 days for it to arrive!!! The timeline of events are as follows and at the time of sending this email has still not been rectified! DAY 39 1. 12/04/2019 Initial phone call and appointment with £60 fee paid and confirmation that appointment had to be carried out at your Crayford facilities, appointment confirmed as 18/04/2019 @ 09:30 re-arranged by me as time given was different as time initially stated. 2. 25/04/2019 New appointment confirmed as the 26/04/2019 @ 11:15 call received 26/04/2019 @ 08:47 that the glass had not arrived. 3. 01/05/2019 New appointment confirmed as the 02/05/2019 @ 09:00 first text received @ 08:30 saying supplier has failed to deliver the glass and contacting dealership to obtain. By this time I was already on-route and arrived at the Crayford site, I spoke with the technician and he explained the glass had not arrived and was trying to contact me to save a journey. call received 02/05/2019 @10:05 that the glass has still not arrived and a new supplier would be sourced asap! From Audi I was informed with a extensive lead time. I reminded the caller for the third time that my car was due an MOT and required the glass to pass, by this time Matt was involved and assured me that they would source the glass. 4. 02/05/2019 Received text car booked in for the 10/05/2019 booking between 12:39 – 14:39 as they had now agreed to carry out the replacement at my place of work, ten minutes after receiving the text I receive a call to say that the glass had NOT arrived and a new booking was made for the 13/05/2019. 5. 12/05/2019 received text confirmation booking for 13/05/2019 between 08:04 – 10:04 received phone call 13/05/2019 @ 08:44 that the glass was still not available. This led to a ten minute conversation about sourcing the correct glass and when it would be available Matt said they would have to source it direct from Audi but I was told this was been done two weeks ago!! At this point the car does not have a valid MOT and three cancelled appointments to have this done I am now left with a car that I can NOT DRIVE having to catch a train from New Cross Gate to HOVE at a cost of £49.50 everyday so far I have spent £150 travelling to work with no idea how much longer this is going to continue. So the update on this whole drama is that i received another call this morning 21/05/2019 that the glass delivered in not fit for use, funny that they told me about the one they did have delivered before, same piece of glass?? sounds like!!! and they will order it from Audi (third time i've heard this!!!!) and would i like to book my car in for NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!! so a possible 45 days waiting for this to be rectified. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE THE PITS!!!!!!!!!

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