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Joshua's complaint against Conkai Security

Joshua Ogle


issued a parking ticket when totally legal

Complaint against Conkai Security

I work and supply goods to the White Rabbit pub in Oxford, the car park is private and overseen by Conkai security, owned by one man in Oxford, the White Rabbit pub has one space allocated, my son was delivering pizza's which his company makes for the pub, so a normal delivery, he had to park in the car park to make the delivery, the pubs allocated space was occupied by an unknown person still sitting in a red car, as far as I kow he was not given a ticket, my son was working and was three minutes delivering the evenings supply of pizza's to the pub, he was given a ticket, on arguing with the moron, he said too late "I have already issued the ticket!!!" after complaining to Conkai, they're reaction was "Tough", even though he was carrying out his legitimate duties and there was an another car stealing the space that belongs to the pub for deliveries, the Pub owner Mrs Farrow wrote to Conkai asking them to drop the private fine, instead they told my son he owed them £80, more letters went back and forth, Conkai put the debt in the hands of bwlegal, my son held on to facs above and did not pay them, noe this week because he believed and still does that right is on his side, they have sent him a further letter now claiming £154, is there anybody anywhere that can hold these robbers to account, the situation verges on the unbelievable!!!

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