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Wendy's complaint against Paramount Cars Bristol

Wendy doggett


Recently bought car from garage and found a mixture of tyres causing car to be dangerous and hard to

Complaint against Paramount Cars Bristol

I bought my car in Aug 2016 and was happy but didn't feel confident with the drive,as the car seems to feel unsteady. I bought the car with brand new tyres,so I thought maybe I needed to put air in tyres,which I did,but still had the problem. Last week I had a screw stuck in tyre so took car to Bathwick tyres. The team of chaps there were very helpful and mended the tyre. However they informed me there was a problem. The car should have run flat tyres as designed by BMW for this specific model as it doesn't carry a spare wheel. They inspected the tyres while I was at Bathwick and assessed I only had one run flat on the front right together with a three non run flats (one tyre on the back with the wrong load rating ) and all the tyres were differing makes. Bathwick suggested I take car back to Paramount and insist I have the right tyres put on. I did goes strait back and after a few calls by the machanic there,I managed to get hold of the owner. He said he would phone me back,however I had to chase him up. He refused to reinstate the run flat tyres and has offered me one non run flat on the left front wheel. I feel cornered as I'm not sure how I stand to demand the proper tyres..I initially agreed to take the non run flat he offered but have since read this isn't a good option and may void my insurance as it would be classed as a modification. Please help.

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