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Catherine's complaint against Wilson and Co

Catherine Taylor


Continuing fault with my vehicle and repair costs

Complaint against Wilson and Co

I bought the car 16.6.2011 from Wilson's it has a life time warranty. Mileage .61000 For the last 5 years between June and August the car has gone into limp mode as the DPF is blocked every 3-4 weeks. This has ment a visit to Wilson's for them to clear the PDF. I have stressed every time the car has been unblocked the the warming light to say the car needs to regenerate has not come on. The car goes into limp mode regardless of whether it has resently been on a long journey and never happens octoberto may. Wilson's response is that....it's the way I drive the car, I shouldn't have bought the car as I don't do enough long journeys and when I have done a long journey I didn't do 67 miles in 4th gear (they could not tell me which 67miles) I have recently contacted Vauxhaul As the car went into limp mode and the turbo was affected and required reconditioning as it was blocked. £615- incl £76.82 to clear the PDF I didn't believe it fair that I should be charged for this repair as it must be caused by the continuous issue of not regenerating. Vauxhaul have concluded the investigation (ref 1242901657) with no compensation to be paid as I am causing the issue. And not following Wilson's advise. The only advise I have received from Wilson's is that the car should be taken on long journeys regularly, when I've asked for more detail they said frequently. Vauxhaul have forced Wilson's to investigate the fault and report back findings to them. The car has been cleared 5 times by Wilson's this summer, once 20 miles after it was checked by them and I was told it was fine and regenerating properly?

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