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Cian's complaint against Drive Dynamics

Cian Hannon



Complaint against Drive Dynamics

Absolutely terrible customer service, I have never experienced anything quite like this company. They promise your theory test will be booked within a week of them receiving payment, two months down the line and I'm still having to chase people constantly and wait in 45 minute call queues. When I first booked with this company, I was assigned a driving instructor who tried to poach me from the company and make me pay him privately. I refused and the day before my lessons were due to start I received a text from him to say he wouldn't be able to do my lessons as he was having to return to his home country. On his advice, I called Drive Dynamics and asked to be assigned another instructor. They told me I'd hear from somebody within 3-7 days. I heard nothing. I called them and after another 40 minute wait I was told they would call the first instructor I had been assigned and ask him what was going on as they were unaware of his situation. He then told them he had changed his mind and would be able to do my lessons. I told them I'd rather have an instructor I could fully trust and they told me they'd find me somebody else. This was 3 weeks in and my theory still hadn't been booked. I waited for a call from my newly assigned instructor and, again, heard nothing. I called back again and was reassured by customer service this would all be sorted. It was at this point I was told I would need to send in a copy of my provisional license to even be able to start the booking process. Why was I only told this 4 weeks in and not at the beginning?? After sending my provisional license in and asking for an email to confirm they had received it, I had no response. Another two weeks went by and, still, nothing. So, yesterday I called and asked what was going on. They apologised and said the lady who dealt with bookings had been on holiday and had a back log. I was assured I would be called the morning after to "get everything started". Low and behold, there was no call this morning. Again, I called back and waited in yet another 40 minute call queue. I spoke to the lady who had been dealing with me and was supposed to call back only to be told she could book my theory but my practical test, which was supposed to happen in July, now couldn't happen until September at the earliest! I told her that wasn't good enough as this was happening because of their terrible customer service and total lack of communication and she said all she could do was apologise. I asked what the refunds process was and she told me "because she had booked my theory (albeit 2 months late) and that counted as having started the booking process, she couldn't guarantee a refund". I am absolutely livid with how I have been treated after handing over upwards of £700 to this company. Steer well clear of Drive Dynamics, they are very quick to take your money but seem to be reluctant to do anything at all when it comes to actually giving you what you have paid for!

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