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Chris's complaint against Drive Dynamics

Chris Owens


Terrible company, poorly managed and they withhold refunds illegally.

Complaint against Drive Dynamics

I put my postcode on their website, it offered me 20 hours for £309, Call to book it said. I called and after 40 minutes on hold, Fiona in sales told me that because of my area it was actually £349?.... I explain that I want the lessons done as soon as possible, and she ASSURES me that they will start in 2 weeks during my break at work and that the instructor Alan 'is very good'. 1 week later Alan calls me, this is what he said: "Sorry but in 2 weeks I have 3 tests and then I'm going on holiday for 3 weeks and when I get back I have another test, so I probably won't be able to start teaching you until late september"...... So I have to call them back and say this isn't what I paid for and I want my money back. I'm told it's only possible for Fiona to deal with that and she isn't in work until friday (It was thursday) and she will call me back asap. Next day I get a blunt text from Alan the instructor saying "So the office told me you are going to wait, is that right?" I replied; "I was expecting a call about a refund, and I have lost a lot of motivation at this stage and I'm not really sure what I want to do" Alan replies "Fine, I'll pass your details back" 3 days later on Monday I have to call and press about the refund, managing to get through to Fiona this time. She spends a long time trying to tell me what a great instructor alan is then gives up and transfers me to a supervision. The supervisior is almost laughing at me down the phone when she tells me I have to wait 14 days to get my refund. It's now been 14 days and I have recieved no email, no phone call and no refund, so I am contacting my solicitor

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