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Deborah's complaint against Drive Dynamics

Deborah Moscrop


We cancelled lessons within 14 day cooling period and they won't return the money and only 2 lessons

Complaint against Drive Dynamics

My son who is 17 booked lessons with Drive dynamics costing £359 on 2nd September and had his first lesson on the 14th , we were'nt told the were two hour lessons so when he got in I phoned the company and told them he wante hour lessons so could we cancel and they said yes and to email them ,I asked if there would be a cancellation fee and was told we would just have to pay for the lesson .We emailed straightway and waited for the money and waited and emailed and phoned and they kept saying they would return the money when I did manage to get someone to talk too.Then a month later they said you car'nt cancel and that he would be charged for the lesson he booked after his first lesson which was booked for the 23rd at two and the instructor said 21st which is'nt true because he would have been on college that day , so now they won't reply to our emails and they won't reply to phone class so he has had no money back and no lessons , I'm at my wits ends with them and they've had his money and no lessons ,please,please,please could you help , my son cannot book any lessons as they have his money .Than you .

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