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Sophie's complaint against Cheshire Meet & Greet

Sophie Newton


Car Parking Lies.

Complaint against Cheshire Meet \u0026 Greet

I recently used the services of Cheshire Meet & Greet, I am extremely disappointed with the service I had received. Firstly, it took me over 1 hour on arriving back in Manchester to receive my car back after trying for 30 minutes to contact the mobile number on the paperwork but no answer, then on ringing the 24hr emergency number I was placed on hold whilst the staff member tried to contact the staff who should of been delivering my car. To then come back to to be told it would take another 10 minutes for my car to arrive, waited another 20 minutes. On receiving my car back the driver was extremely apologetic for the delay but also stated that the business mobile phone had no charge when he had started his shift, so this is why i was unable to contact him + he had to go to the shop to buy a charger, My point is you should have the car waiting at the terminal as organised as the time of flight. This resulted on been stuck in Rush hour traffic as we didn't get away from Manchester Airport until 5 pm. Secondly, on dropping off my car I had 6.6 miles on the meter, to be told you are approx 5 miles away from the airport, so this would mean a maximum of 17 miles on my meter on return - In fact I had a total of 36.7 miles a whole 20 miles more than expected. After following this up with Cheshire Meet & Greet, I have been told that the car parking is in fact 13 miles away from the airport. I do have photographic evidence of this.

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