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Lesley's complaint against Meet and Greet

Lesley Jelley


No Valet No Refund

Complaint against Meet and Greet

We went on holiday on 29/9/2017 and decided to use Meet and Greet at T2 when we arrived we saw the valet service available for £59.99. We decided to have the car cleaned whilst we were away. On arriving to pick the car up on our return 13/10/2017 we were told that the car had not been valeted and they didn't know why. The on duty manager told us he would arrange a refund which would take 3-5 working days. He would arrange customer services to ring us and offer vouchers for inconvenience as this was not a good 1st experience. Nothing no call no refund. Rang customer services 27/10/2017 case number 00176948 email received as I spoke to the advisor who again promised refund with 3-5 working days and took my card number for a refund. Today 8/11/2017 another call to customer services who after being put on hold, then disconnected again have told me 3-5 working days and again wanted my card number as they don't keep it on the system so if I hadn't rang today I wouldn't get my money back. I am ABSOLUTELY FED UP AND AT MY WITS END. How can I get my money back that was taken out of our account in September? NOT 1 PERSON ON THE CUSTOMER CARE TEAM HAVE TAKEN OWNERSHIP OF MY COMPLAINT. Having worked in customer service for 20years perhaps I would have definitely treated my customer better than I have been treated. I would definitely not recommend the service.

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