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Sophie's complaint against Civil Enforcement

Sophie Sweatman


£100 for not entering license plate when machine didn't ask

Complaint against Civil Enforcement

I parked in Customs House Quay in Falmouth on 8th February and went to pay £1 for an hour. I saw the warning that I had to enter my registration plate but the machine didn't have any way of entering it. I was taken aback but a ticket was issued, which I displayed in my car. On 14th February, I parked in the same place and one machine was taped up and another one asked for my license plate before entering money (like other car parks in Falmouth) and I displayed the ticket. On 17th February, I received a Parking Charge notice from Civil Enforcement ltd because "payment not made in accordance with terms displayed on signage" in other words, I did pay but did not enter my license plate. This was the machine's fault, as I had no other alternatives. I have emailed [email protected] with a picture of my ticket of 14th February as I do not take risks with parking and have not had any fines since 2004, an appeal which I won as "no feeding the machine" was not displayed. I will fight this ticket, however I do not think DVLA ought to be giving out people's details without sufficient proof of a violation. The pictures on the PCN showed me DRIVING the car, not even parked. I will tweet DVLA to express my opinion on their part of this as I am an honest rate payer and this is not acceptable.

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