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Be careful at airport parking

Complaint against NCP

We were detained at Birmingham airport parking number 5 for 1 hour 25 minutes for entering by mistake and I was ask to pay £2 and walk for 40 minutes before I was allowed to exit the airport on 23/02/2018 I dropped off my daughter who was on a school trip to Austria on 12/02/2018 it was a struggle to make that payment on arriving at the airport I thought it was a £1 to drop off for 10 minutes I paid £2 and exit the car park on my way I relive my daughter has left her rubber bag so I turned round to the airport and parked at the free parking for 30 minutes but you have to walk 10 minutes each way to the departure hall as their waiting at the Costa I run to the airport and returned to the car trying to exit the car park the barrier will not open I called the assistant phone by the barrier they did not pick the phone I was already spent 27 minutes that where I became scare since I did not have anything with me if they don't open me Respond came in after 4 minutes and she said I have to pay £5 before I will exit or I should walk back to the customer service which is situated at the taxi rank close to arrival and departure I obeyed and walk down there my details were taken and I was asked to pay the money by a week actually I am not earning any money so I appeal it online as I am waiting for the outcome My daughter returned on the 23/2/2018 and I went to the airport at with my wife and my son15yrs old I know I don't have money to pay so I will drop my son to the airport last round about that is close to the arrival and departure hall to go and wait for her sister when they come out I will pick them at the free 30 minutes car part but I will stay there for only 15 minutes I spent all my time waiting at the Birmingham international train station when they call me I will drive to the free parking She called me at 14.24 that she has arrived and I ask her to talk to the brother the brother will help her to where I dropped him at the round about. At 14:35 I drove down towards the free car park there are3 round abouts before you get to the drop off at the arrival and departure as I turned to the first round about not knowing it is taking me to the pay a car park that is similar since the layout is very confusing I called the assistant and said to her I am going to the free car park to park but I end up in the wrong entrance and I can't revers since there are almost 5 cars behind me all of a sudden I don't know if their all working there, she said once I am heading toward the barrier I should rather park and pay and I said I don't have any money with me But rather I will prefare to go out to the free 30 minutes so I Then she said she will not open me to go I should walk to the customer service I walk to the customer service I was delayed for almost 1 hour since they NCP workers know what their doing when I arrived at the place I was approached by one gentleman and a one police lady I said my story they said no way they will not allow me to go unless I paid £5:10 all in my pocket is £1:25 we don't have any money My wife can't walk far as she just had a suggery on the cervical spine she was left in the car park alone sitting in the car my children are in the arrival hall. Also making their way out I left the customer service and ask them to joined me at the customer service but latter it was becaming as a humiliating thing so asked them to go to the mother in the car they were in the car as hostages Still they said I will not be allowed to go the NCR gentleman ask the young girl at the counter to let me go she said something to the gentleman and now the lady at the customer service counter said pay £2 and go all in my pocket is £1:25 I know the money matters at the airport and I was trying as much as possible to avoid all this issues I went back to the car and my school girl said she has £2 on her card to pay The car park entrance is design in a way that if you use the lane you can't reverse, My children and my will keep ringing my phone my wife already sat at the same place for almost 1.30 minutes and she walks with walking stick at a very slow pace 10 meters in 2 minutes in walking steps I ask her to follow me to the airport since it will refreshed her and avoid the coldness at our house But ,all ended in sadness and unforgettable experience my worst experience is the police lady asked me to let my family come and sit in the customer service since they can't find the car at the car park or I should call somebody to pay it for me I asked her if she will let her children see being humiliating in public' The airport is forcing people to pay money that their not ready to pay.

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