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Bob's complaint against OleCar

Bob Stijne


extortion practice

Complaint against OleCar

In the dutch language there are different spellings for the same word. So ij in lower case is the same a Y in upper case. on my divers licence my name is written in lower case with the ij but my credit card is in capitals with the Y. Ole would not accept my credit card. To change to the credit card of my wife they charged 900 euro extra!. We had a dog and that was ok . On return they said that the car had to be hair free and charged an extra 50 euro for cleaning. They should have said this on delivery of the car This company has made miking customers an art! regards

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Alvaro Jimenez | | VERIFIED

Same NEGATIVE experience. The business they have installed at OLECAR BARCELONA airport borders on illegality. Came up with a millimetric scratch and then charged me 140 euros for something was there at check in. A set of 4 new hubcaps cost 20 euros online. Olecar IS A SCAM. PLEASE DO NOT RENT A CAR FROM OLECAR BARCELONA.
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