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Benjamin's complaint against OleCar

Benjamin P


I would highly recommend avoiding Olecar - my story of woe is one amongst many (check other review)

Complaint against OleCar

I booked Olecar at Barcelona airport through doyouspain and was as disappointed and enraged by their treatment of me as many other customers have reported online. We paid, and they refused us the vehicle or a refund. First of all, they load on the additional charges in the small print, only confirmed after booking. 1) I booked 'full to full' on the expectation this would be free. Instead they charge 31euro 'service fee' plus 198 euros for a tank and will only refund you the latter if you return full and with a petrol station receipt. this feel like sharp practice. They told me this was a requirement of doyouspain, by the way. Doyouspain deny this (and many other companies on their site do not do the same). 2) they charge 4 euros for paying with a credit card (not mentioned on the website), when they already use your credit card for the deposit 3) they charge 5 euros for 'printing the booking form', which they and you have electronically and which they do not, in fact, print. They tried to charge me even though I'd spotted this trick, emailed them the form, and they had confirmed that was OK. 4) they try to upsell the insurance (no surprise of course) - but I've never seen another car hire company that doesn't provide roadside assistance unless you upgrade to minimum 45 euros extra per day! I grumbled but paid all but the printing fee, but was sure I was going to check the car in detail, so I started recording and photographing. The lady on duty became highly agitated, tell me filming (the vehicle) was 'illegal' in private premises. I eventually stopped and apologised and deleted the video but she stormed back inside, refunded me the deposit and the *additional* fees but not the car hire fee. Then she lied to doyouspain telling them I'd refused to accept the conditions (I have the signed contract and credit card receipts to prove I had accepted and paid), so they got away so far with the money and no car, costing me an expensive taxi trip to the airport for another hire car, a lot of stress and hassle and time and a spoiled day. Avoid at all costs!

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