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David's complaint against Easirent

David Robb



Complaint against Easirent

DREADFUL! Questionable business ethics. I booked a car, knowing a Cross Border fee "might apply", but was not informed of this cost by the time that I left my hotel. I went to the airport pick-up point, and had to wait so long that the rental period commenced. Upon arrival, I was told of the Cross Border fee, which I didn't want to accept, so I asked if I would be charged for the rental if I cxxd. I was clearly told "no", so I cxxd. I was still charged, because, they say, I cxxd after the start of the rental period. While I was there another customer came out very upset, and I went to Sixt, next door, and he said he had had SIX disgruntled customers from Easirent that morning! Once these people have your money, you are not getting it back. AVOID!!!!!!!

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