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Graham's complaint against Easirent

Graham Brown


[RESPONDED] Check your Statements....

Complaint against Easirent

The car was clean, newish and welll equipped. The service when collecting the car was laboriously slow. Although I was quoted less than £10 per day, by the time you add the insurance (or they place a charge of £1200 on your credit card) and pay in advance for the fuel it came to £144. Admittedly the fuel refund was received promptly, but I am having the devil of a job getting £1 refunded to the card used at the time of reservation - something I never even noticed. A charge was made to “check” the card, but that check is instant, why am I still waiting for that £1 to be refunded some 4 weeks later?. Maybe add up all the unnoticed pounds................!

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Easirent Spokesperson | | VERIFIED

Easirent has thoroughly checked its' merchant services and can confirm there is no balance outstanding to be refunded to the customer. We would advise the customer to contact their card provider for more information. The last email from our team was sent to the customer on 11/10/17, the final decision will be sent later this week by a manager.

Graham Brown | | VERIFIED

I have provided proof that the charge was made and see no reason why you would not refund it. It is apparently awaiting “authorisation”.
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