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Anthony's complaint against Easirent

Anthony Burns


[RESPONDED] Overcharge regarding Fuel

Complaint against Easirent

When I hired my car from the Edinburgh Office they offered me two options, one ful/full and the other full/empty. I opted for the latter paying for a tank of fuel when collecting the car. When I returned 12 days later, the member of staff receiving the car said they did not offer a full/empty option but I know this to be untrue, as later that day, I hired from Easirent's Stansted Airport Office and was again offered both options. When returning the car to the Edinburgh Office, I had mislaid my yellow sheet and they refused to look for my records within there system and demanded I return with a full tank.They insisted I exited the parking area and filled the tank before returning because if I didn't I would be charged for a full tank. As it happens since I was late I would have been happy to do so but, as I said they insisted the car was returned with a full tank. Subsequently on my return to my home, I found the yellow sheet which confirms the hire on the basis of full to empty. I have contacted Easirent and, Jason in Customer Services has emailed me to say nothing is due in accordance with Terms & Conditions. The point being missed is, I returned the car empty but they would not accept it until the tank was full, ie I WAS MADE TO RETURN WITH A FULL TANK DESPITE THE HIRE BEING ON THE BASIS OF FULL TO EMPTY. If you can help resolve this I would appreciate it. Thank you. A D Burns

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Easirent Spokesperson | | VERIFIED

The hire car was taken with a pre-purchased full tank of fuel and the customer signed the check sheet to acknowledge they would bring it back empty. As per the rental terms, no refund is due for unused fuel leftover. Your final decision on this matter today 21/04/17 and no further action will be taken.

Anthony Burns | | VERIFIED

Again Easirent are missing the point which is I retutrned the car empty but the staff at Edinburgh office insiste3d they did not offer a full to empty arrangement and therefore I had to bring the car back with a full tank of fuel. It seems they are saying I am telling a lie wheras it is the staff at Edinburgh who are doing so. I REPEAT WHEN FIRST RETURNED TO EDINBURGH OFFICE THE TANK WAS EMPTY.
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