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Complaint against Volkswagen

MY EMAIL VW CUSTOMER SERVICES WHO HAVE REFUSED TO REIMBURSE MY COSTS. HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS ISSUE? 2011 TDI GOLF. I am emailing you both to complain about the poor service I have received from VW.  In June 2015 I bought what I beleived to be my dream car. A car I had always wanted but could never afford. A VW 2l TDI. Yes I know it isn't the Golf R but what do you expect I am a mother of 5. Anyway I digress. As per the previous email it details I had the emissions software updrade. Within no time at all after having that done my coil/engine management light came on. I contacted VW and told them this. They were very dismissive and told me I would have to pay for the diagnostics. I refused as the car had just been into VW. This should have been done as a gesture of good will. A diagnostic from elsewhere showed the EGR valve needed replacing and that it would be costly with VW charging up to £1200 to fix!  As stated in my earlier email this would have been financially crippling to me.  After months of intermittently driving my car I managed to get the valve fixed from an independant garage to the cost of £440. Which is still expensive but better than VW prices. I have done research into this and it has become apparent that alot of VW tdi's developed this fault after the alledged upgrade. VW denied it at first and then progressively paid 50%, 90% then 100% of the charges for this repair. Having spoke to VW this morning they told me that because I had gone to an independant garage to fix my vehicle they would not be able to assist me! Quite frankly this concurs VW's dismissive attitude when it comes to taking ownership of their faults and is discriminatory when it somes to customers like me that simply could not afford to get the repair done by VW. All I want as a resolve is to get the refund for the amount I have paid for my repair as but for the software upgrade I would not have needed the repair in the first place. There is an abvious causal link between the two.

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