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tom's complaint against Hertz

tom Bloch


Firefly (HERTZ) Scam Artist Company

Complaint against Hertz

BEWARE Firely- It's a scam! We know it, Firefly knows it and Hertz most probably knows it. I've recently been ungraciously welcomed to the ‘Scammed By Firefly Rental Club' There are over 1,000 members and growing! I’ll not bore you with all the details of my experience with Firefly, suffice to say it follows the same theme as thousands of others, I’m willing to bet, that paid nearly £300 for a tiny dent that they didn't cause. If you visit the website of the parent company, Hertz, go to the page where they list all their brands, Firefly isn’t even mentioned. It says a lot when the parent company is too embarrassed to publicly acknowledge Firefly's existence. Not that anyone's interested... but here's my reply in response to their intentionally bogus claims for damage repayment >> Re: Overdue Invoice Dear Sir/ Madam. I have recently arrived home from an extended time abroad in Poland to find two letters from Hertz addressed to my wife. They claim to insist upon immediate payment to HERTZ DE ESPANA SL for erroneous claims of damage caused to a rental car, by us. The car we hired from 'Firefly' arrived to us with a large amount of damage already previously caused, by previous occupants unknown to us. Multiple scratches and dents already existed on the car by the time we first received the keys. We of course took many photos in order to prove that this is, in fact, the case. No phone number was left to be able to contact HERTZ in case the requested payment by Hertz was requested in error, as has happened here. It saddens me that I have had to use my time to explain the situation by writing to you. We did not cause any damage to the rental car we hired. In fact, there is a 0% chance that we caused any damage whatsoever. Kindly update your system to reflect this so we do not further receive any letters from Hertz laying bogus claims surrounding money owed when the truth of the matter is we deserve a refund due to the undeniably poor condition of the car we paid full price to hire. I consider this matter concluded, unless perhaps your customer service team feel like speaking to us to repair the unresolved damage we have suffered at the hands of "Firefly" as highlighted below. Firstly by: receiving a hire car that's terrible condition did not even warrant full payment - And secondly: the aggressive service we received by staff members who were extremely rude and unwilling to even assist us on the first day we collected the car at Malaga Airport. I sincerely hope that this is the end of the matter and we can put to rest these falsified, indignant claims by Hertz.

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