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Roopal's complaint against BMW

Roopal Vora


Barons Poor customer service

Complaint against BMW

We bought our BMW 520d in September 2010. And it has had a full service history with Barons in Watford since 2010. Average mileage of 77k. Over the past few months my mother in law who drives the car had been hearing a rattle from the engine, and she finally broke down on 3rd October. When she first heard the rattle, Barons Watford told her there was nothing wrong. Upon breaking down, she was towed to the nearest Barons garage and having performed a diagnostic, the timing chain had snapped resulting in the whole engine having to be replaced. Simultaneously, I spoke to BMW Head Office and did my own investigation to discover that this issue predates back to 2008 with a range of BMW vehicles fitted with the n47 engine. There have been many documented cases where people across Europe have had the same issue and BMW are unwilling to acknowledge that it is a manufacturing issue. BMW Head Office applied a good will gesture and got the issue fixed for us at no cost to us. While fixing the fault, the battery died and the negative earth cable connected to the battery had been damaged too. Barons could not confirm what the cause of this was. I also appreciate that BMW Battery has a warranty of 5 years so it was probably time for a replacement (car being 7 years old). The cost to fix all this and to get the car back on the road is £813 (apparently after heavy discount) – diagnostic, battery, negative earth cable and fluids to make the car work. My question is not to BMW Head Office, but to the Barons Group: As a loyal customer to BMW Barons for the past 10 years, why they did not address the rattling noise properly, resulting in the massive damage and cost? Yes it is fixed, but we have still had to pay out £813 which would have been a lot less. Apparently the timing chain issue could have created an impact on the performance of the battery, resulting in the battery and the negative earth cable being damaged. They could not pinpoint the actual cause of the battery dying. I do not mind paying for the battery to be fixed, which I believe costs should not be £500 that we have been quoted. I have spoken to BMW Head Office Complaints who have advised that it is Barons that need to address these costs, not them. I understand. Bottom line – BMW have just lost a loyal customer through the poor customer service of Barons. What do Barons check for when they service the car? When a customer complains of a noise, why is there no proper diagnostic done? It seems through cutting corners in dealing with the customer, BMW Head Office and the customer have had to pay for the damage caused by poor client care!

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