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Darren's complaint against BMW

Darren Pelosi


Bmw recalled my Bmw for a timing chain and Tensioners

Complaint against BMW

Bmw recalled my Bmw for a timing chain and tensioner they carried out the work and told me I needed to replace rocket cover so I agreed on that to be done had the car back and only done a few Miles and now the engine is making a loud banging noise sounds like the top end I phoned Bmw and they told me to get the car recovered back to them so I did they have charged me just over £600 pound which ain't the problem now they trying to charge me another £800 to take the head off and see where the problem is coming from this car was going in on a recall with no problems the car has been truly looked after with full Bmw service history I would be really great full with your help or some advice I've been to a few local garages round by me and explained what has gone and they telling me it's down to the timing chain and tensions that they have changed has caused this problem this car was not a fault going in now the engine is mocking his brains out

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Darren Pelosi | | VERIFIED

Useless never here'd any thing back so sold the car as it was and took a huge loss
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