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Jamie's complaint against Avis



Avis rent a Car Fraud and theft

Complaint against Avis

To whom it may concern, I am writing to you to make a official complaint with regards to Avis rent a car and the horrendous customer service, fraud, theft and creating a potential credit default for myself. History: I rented a P group from Avis on the 25th of August for a 28 day flexi lease plan. I stated to Avis this would be an on going situation and wanted to renew at the end of each rental. On the terms that I would be told what the new price of the rental would be before payment was taken. At the end of this rental on the 22 of September the VW Golf I was provided with for this period had hit turn back mileage. I returned the car to Avis after some confusion. The price had been increased from £381.30 to £534.57 for next period. I did not agree to this price and requested to exchange the car for an A group when exchanging the car on the 22nd. To be clear the P group reached turnback milage at the end of the rental and I wanted that to end and swap into a new 28 day rental in an A group. This was achieved but only just, due to a trainee and the system crashing at the the Birmingham Downtown location. All this cost me time and stress away from my career. I had the new A group for the next 28 days through October at a cost of £299. This was fine until came for renew yet again. This is where all the problems started with test messages being received by an unknown source from Avis head office.The number was 07537 414999. The messages were requesting if I wanted to extend the rental and the milage. I provided the information. However, after stating this was all confirm at the Birmingham downtown location via text, a lady from Avis called me to discuss further stating that the new price would be £310 + the £70 deposit. I said to her that I have a different price from Avis’s website for 271.55 on Wednesday the 21 October. The represented from Avis guaranteed this price for this Friday to be paid and would back date the invoice to last end date of the flexi lease and no more calls or texts would happen. She stated that she updated the notes on the system and the station was looking forward to seeing me on Friday. Friday the 23 October I visited Avis in the morning at 8:15am. I went to clarify the new cost of the rental, sign the paperwork and have the car cleaned before travelling to London on business. At the Birmingham Downtown location the systems had crashed and I was waiting for at least an hour due to technical difficulties. The staff were very friendly. I asked to renew the lease on the A group for another 28 days at the price agreed from the Avis agent from Wednesday the 21 October. The Rental Agent at the location called Tracey stated there was no notes on the system. I was shocked and very annoyed in the lack of professionalism of the Agent from Wednesday. The new price quoted from the downtown location was £430 not the £271.55 as promised by your company. The Rental Agent Tracey from Birmingham suggested to call the customer service number to see about the confusion. After being on hold and running late for my London meeting, I eventually got through to a rental agent. They informed me they could not honour this price as there was no notes on the system. At this point I was exceptionally angry. I had been lied to and now left in a desperate position. I needed the car. The Barcelona call centre once questioned about the communication I received via text messages and calls, denied all knowledge of this and stated I needed to contact Avis head office. I stated it is not my job to be the form of communication between departments in Avis. This was unprofessional, ridiculous and created an absolute mistrust. Avis need to review their internal comms. Eventually I succumbed to defeat after arguing with the Barcelona call centre. I spoke to Tracey again at the Birmingham downtown location and informed hr on my lack of progress. At this point Tracey was still trying the wizard system. However, was still continuing to crash. I eventually got a new quote from hew for £293. This was not the £271.55 I was promised on Wednesday. Time was against me due to my London meeting becoming more likely to miss due to this awful scenario of a nightmare. I agreed to the quote. Took the car and went off to my meeting in London, thinking everything was fine. This was not the case at all. Avis UK had decided to take the following payments from my account that morning. This was done WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR AUTHORISATION. THIS IS FRAUD AND ILLEGAL. THEFT IS THE WORD I WOULD USE IN THE INSTANCE. The following information was made aware to me after my bank Barclays got in contact with me to state that there might be potential fraud on the account. Due to this and the money leaving my account I had missed some exceptionally important payment that could result in my self having a bad credit history and effect my mortgage and business. 23rd Friday October 2015 9:28 am - £363.00 10:09 am - £534.57 10:17 am - £395.29 10:19 am - £395.29 Above are the times and the amounts taken from account by Avis that raised the fraud warning with Barclays Bank. The first payment was valid and correct and was for the new current rental period. The next 3 payments were not organised and not authorised or made aware to me, until my bank contacted me. Avis took in total from my bank account £1688.15 that morning. The total amount that was not authorised was £1325.15. This is theft and no represented from Avis noticed the error of informed me of this. Before my bank contacted myself about the horrific actions of Avis I was at a business lunch with potential clients in London. I went to pay for the meal and my card was declined. This as a PR perspective was unacceptable and may have jeopardised this client and my career. This is not acceptable. This was a result in Avis’s callous procedures and attitude. Shortly after the bank contacted me about the potential fraud on my account. At this point I had to apologise to the new potential clients and ask a them to pay and they would full reimbursed and compensated for this error on my part. I contacted Avis having being on hold eventually between 1 - 2 pm in the afternoon. I spoke Anna the Barcelona representative and explained my plight. She was most unhelpful and quite rude and did not care about my situation. At this stage I had realised I had less than £10 in my bank. Avis had taken the rest unlawfully. I felt betrayed and a victim in the instance. I had been stranded in London after potentially losing my job due to Avis’s incompetence. Anna said she would call me back within half an hour after she called the Birmingham downtown location to investigate. This was at 2pm. I waited in my car staring at the phone for her to call. At 2:45 I decided to call the Barcelona call centre yet again and wait. I began to panic. How was I going to get home, as i needed fuel. I was I going to eat? I began to have a panic attack. A passer by calmed me down and was going to call for medical attention. After this terrible ordeal. I called the Barcelona Avis call centre yet again. I got through to another representative called Mesi. She again was not helpful and did not care about my circumstances and what had happen. I explained my scenario all over again. Mesi put me on hold while she went to talk to Anna. After waiting a further 20 minutes that already had taken a lot of my time already that day, Mesi took me off hold. Mesi did not apologise for Avis nor did she explain why this happened. I demanded to make a official complaint and she provided me with this email and a few directions. I needed official documentation from Avis to send to my bank Barclays as proof they could reverse the pending payments that total again £1325.15. Mesi informed me she could only send a fax. I was in a car stranded in London with no money or hope. She had clearly not listen to my nightmare of a situation. I asked for an email to be sent but she could facilitate this. I confirmed that this pending money would be released by Avis immediately. This was only verbally and I did not trust Avis after this experience. I then proceeded to call the bank and convince them without proof to cancel the pending payments to allow me to have available funds within my account, to allow me to get home. Amongst this torment I turned to social media for help from Avis but no help until later. This was of course to late. The damage had been done. I am officially requested the following from Avis due to this ridiculous THEFT and FRAUD. 1. Official letter of apology. 2. An explanation of why they took the extra £1325.15. 3. How your internal system did not pick this up. 4. Why was i not contacted by Avis to notify me of the error. 5. Extreme compensation. I do not want to publish my story about this but I will if I am ignored like I have been by Avis. Please contact me via email or call me. I am still extremely angered about this. I demand for this to be acknowledged and compensated immediately. Regards, Jamie Avis Preferred

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