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Morris's complaint against Avis

Morris Dubnyckyj


Being charged for extra car rental insurance

Complaint against Avis

I purchased a car rental voucher which included full protection and a one way return fee. On returning from holiday after a long flight early on new years day I presented the voucher only to be told to sign here initial there for their insurance and fee. I contested this saying that I had already paid for this as stated on the voucher she said I hadn't and should check when I got home and would not release the car unless I signed. Being new years day tired and wanting to get home I signed. On my return home I challenged Avis to look into this by checking their CCTV but they said because I had signed they would not do anything. I informed the car rental voucher company and they contacted Avis but got the same answer, but they the voucher company are willing to refund me half of the extra payment. I am still £50 out of pocket, which to some people is not a lot of money but to me it is and I don't like being ripped off. Could you help at all.

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