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Vikki's complaint against Evans Halshaw

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Complaint against Evans Halshaw

I bought a car from these cowboys on the 31st Dec 2018, for £10'507, and from the point of sale they've done nothing but lie, and feed me lip service! At the point of sale, I asked about the history of the car, and was told that everything was in the glove box. On our way home, my husband went through the pack but couldn't find a service log book, so I contacted the garage as soon as we got home. I was told that the car didn't have a log book and that everything was logged onto the on-board computer! After checking the computer, nothing was logged, so I contacted BMW HQ. Turned out that in July 2018 the timing chain snapped, and caused over £4000 worth of damage (if I'd have known this prior, I wouldn't have bought it). I contacted the garage where the repairs were carried out (Stratstone Leeds) and they reassured me that all the repairs were done, and that everything was OK. 2 weeks later the oil light came on - 2ltrs required. Filled up with oil, thinking that it must have been low when I bought it (although this should have been picked up at the '128 point AA Inspection'), and carried on as normal. Several weeks later, the oil light came on again - 1ltre required, so I checked underneath the car and noticed several tiny droplets of oil on the underplate which protects the components underneath the car. I called Halshaw to report the problem but they didn't have a courtesy car available (needed one for work), but they'd call me as soon as it became free. After almost 6 weeks, and numerous phone calls later, they finally booked my car in for investigation on the 6th April! Got car back the same day, thinking that it was all fixed. About a week later, another leak appeared, but this time it was a major leak! I took the car to a local garage (I didn't want to drive it to P'boro as it's 30miles away) to see if they could locate the leak, but without being able to take everything apart they couldn't really pinpoint where it was coming from. They did however, pick up on the previous 'repair' which turned out to be fixed by slapping a load of silicone around from where it was leaking! They also noticed silicone around the timing chain housing! Luckily I have video evidence of what was found, so I contacted Halshaw and got it booked in for the 11th May. During all these problems I have also requested a refund on numerous occasions, and also sent 2 official complaints to HO, but I've heard absolutely NOTHING back from HO! I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY CAR! They took it to a BMW specialist called Bennetts, who 'diagnosed' £9000 worth of repairs, and I was informed that a new engine would be required, which they said they were going to pay for instead of giving me a refund. After a few weeks of silence, I called Halshaw for an update, and was informed that my car was now with Stratstone IN DONCASTER! why the heck was it in Doncaster???? Not only that, it had been driven up there WITH A MAJOR OIL LEAK, and WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION!!!!! Doncaster came back with a totally different diagnostic, which was around £2000 worth of repairs! After many more phone calls with Doncaster, and finally getting through to P'boro, my car was 'fixed' around 7 days ago, YET NOBODY BOTHERED TO TELL ME! Apparently P'boro are really short-staffed and nobody has been available to go and pick it up. My car should have been delivered back to me YESTERDAY (20/07), as I was informed that someone had been dropped off at the train station - destination Doncaster, but guess what???? Yup, I'M STILL WITHOUT MY CAR! From day 1 these people have lied to me, been dishonest, and withheld vital information about the history of the car. Communication is absolutely dire, and they haven't got a clue about customer service. Truly shocking behaviour with absolutely no conscience whatsoever. They have well and truly breached The Consumer Act 2015, and I am now seeking other avenues to claim my money back, as they have sold me a car that is not fit for purpose! AVOID AT ALL COSTS......

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