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T's complaint against Evans Halshaw

T McAuliffe


Bad practice giving the car trade disreputable image

Complaint against Evans Halshaw

Evans Halshaw’s on line service booked in more than 3 appointments for us to bring in a car after giving a valuation of £530 on the vehicle. Each time after the appointment they waited until a couple of days before the appointment to cancel it (by which time temporary insurance and road tax had been purchased). By the time the third time slot in over a month had been arranged and after they had given assurances that this appointment would not be cancelled we arrived to find that no representative was on site but that we would be seen by a Citroen dealer instead and not at the allocated time but 20 minutes later. When the member of staff arrived they said they would need to have a physical inspection of the car, which we expected. When they looked over the car they gave us an valuation of £100. We understood that there may be a variation between an on line quote and a physical quote but when asked why there was such a vast discrepancy between the two and what the reasoning was behind the 80%+ difference they were unable to give any information. The only reason suggested eventually by the manager was that if the car went to auction all it would get was £100. Given that a scrapyard paid an instant £175 for the vehicle when we left after refusing the offer it is quite clear that this was a lie or everyone would got to auction and then sell their purchases at a scrapyard and make a 75% return each time. The entire experience leads us to the conclusion that Evans Halshaw lure people in with one price that they have no intention of ever fulfilling and then offer well below any market value. We had hoped that this old school type of con practice was something that was associated with car dealerships of the past but sadly is one still linked with Evans Halshaw. Not only did we incur the wildly different price for the vehicle which we had no choice but to accept because of us losing so much time, we also lost 2 further payments towards temporary car insurance and had to invest in road tax for an extended period. These are all added costs that they seemed to have no concern about. Overall we are approximately £416 plus road tax difference down from the entire experience.

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