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Robert's complaint against Evans Halshaw

Robert Welsh


Evans Halshaw Merthyr

Complaint against Evans Halshaw

Evans Halshaw (Merthyr branch) Avoid this place as I guarantee you will be disappointed. Son bought a car from them that had fault that could not be rectified, so eventually after they had it for almost 2 weeks in total he handed the key back (they already had the car) they then had the front to not refund all his money as they said it had taken £20 off for petrol. The fact that he had to take it back 4 times and they now had car with almost a full tank of petrol they would not budge. During the nightmare 4 weeks my son should have had the car all he had was excuse after excuse from the service department which to be fair admitted due to thier mechanics only really knowing fords they were not very good with BMW’s? So why sell service contracts if they are not up to it was my response. After all this was the same team that released a car to an 18 year with a dangerously low 10lb pressure in front tyre even after I had pointed it out when car was on forecourt 2 days prior, incompetent bordering on stupidity which I pointed out to management, then when 1st fix on car was admitted as they did nothing as they thought there was nothing wrong. Place should be on rouge traders, so buyer beware this place is a total hell hole that could cost you money at best even if things go wrong quickly allowing you to hand back of car, but on a more serious note with releasing dangerous cars to young and old costs could be the ultimate deadly experience. On a foot note, no point in complaining to thier customer service department as the final decision lies with the dealership you are complaining about! So just as well save your money and time and don’t bother calling them as all they can do is hand you back to your 1st point of contact

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