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J's complaint against Evans Halshaw

J Mc


Very bad experience with a bmw

Complaint against Evans Halshaw

I had a very bad experience with Glasgow car store I had a very bad experience with Glasgow car store as bought a BMW last year and the car first had the engine light issue come on within a month. The first person I spoke to argued firstly that I didn't have a warrenty cover at all as their team hadn't logged it right so thankfully I had the paperwork myself as proof as the manager when I bought it had already left the company. I had the car back to them 3 times with the issue and had 33 days without a working vehicle in that time, no replacement and had to take time out of work and was late from the Break downs. The Manager when I bought the car has left, the man who sold me the vehicle was a part time student and then also another manager who has been dealing with the issue for about a week and a half at the end also left within this time. I was shown that the company did not care about my circumstances at all as I was left without a vehicle for all this time and left in the dark and not told when I would hear things. I was left stranded and had to abandon the car several times. I have also been put in a dangerous situation with the car stopping coming out onto a busy road. I made 60+ calls plus the 5-10 calls arranging with BMW Peter vardy for a check over as well as Evans Halshaw couldn't determine the fault in house twice. BMW peter vardy were very helpful and professional and gave a vehicle health check with over £4000 reccomended repairs to sort all the problems which was 3/4 of the cars value. Evans Halshaw eventually sorted the £154 bill so I could pick up my car unrepaired but it was left several days. I then had to arrange for evans halshaw to collect and do their own take on the repairs replacing minimal parts. When it was returned to me I said the car didn't sound the same but the driver said it is as working. It broke down after one 5 minute drive again and had to be retrieved again for the third time. I went thrl ough the formal process with the complaints resolution team by phone and through the website and emails which didn't work as I was referred back to the store every time who weren't proactive to help. I had to ask several times to hear about the options of getting money back and not heard. I felt like the team is trying to ignore this and just return the car to me as a short term fix again but eventually got money back. It even took months more for reimbursement for costs of sending things back to them. Beware buying a BMW from here as I was left with it in a bad state time after time. A friend had a similar issue with a car bought aat the same time from a smaller dealership and the full repair was then covered at BMW with theirs which has not had any further problems. EVANS HALSHAW was only concerned with cutting costs and avoiding taking responsibility for it andd trying to get a quick fix in place. The phone lines for this company also go through a very and drawn process of transferring you through several different customer service representives for 10-15 minutes before you can get through to a store member or manager. I shopped at Evans Halshaw expecting professional service and did not receive this at all just a highly stressful experince and no compensation.

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