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Barry 's complaint against Evans Halshaw

Barry Clapperton


VW Golf 2.0 TDI GT Estate

Complaint against Evans Halshaw

I was very interested in the car mentioned above which was advertised as 3 miles away from our house.My son went to look at the car and was told by a very unhelpfull salesman that the car was at Blackpool.We telephoned Evans Halshaw the next day and was told that the car was at Doncaster by a young lady who told us about the condition of the car,and she would have the car ready for us to look at.We travelled 35 miles to look at the car,nobody was interested in seeing to us.but we did eventually to get somebody to check if the car was there,after 15 minutes of waiting,never offered a drink,he told us that the car was at Blackpool,the salesman said we could pay £200 and have the car delivered Mansfield.We travelled 70 miles and waisted petrol plus 3 hours waist of time to be told this.I think customer service.very unprofessional and bad practice.We hope you will look into this and contact us as soon as possible.

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