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Zafira b recalls

Complaint against Evans Halshaw

A 2008 zafira b was purchased from a Vauxhall dealership by a family member, not long after the car was issued with a safety recall, this was long after a spate of stairs fires and a Facebook campaign to highlight this. Very glad that this was discovered the car was returned and recall work carried out. Great, and of that worry, NO , this car has been sold through the family and now belongs to me, 3 recalls later??? Then I recieved even more news of a FURTHER RECALL and advised not to leave the car unattended. I immediately booked in a while u wait appointment at Evan's halshaw after Vauxhall advised this work would need 1hr. On arriving at Evan's hallshaw I was then told the car would be needed for 4hrs. This was not possible as i had children to collect from school. After talking to a salesperson I reluctantly agreed due to time, thet the recall would be done in under 1 1/2hrs but I would not be able to have the visual safety inspection. I left the garage and returned at the agreed time and proceeded to collect my vehicle. When myself and my partner entered the vehicle we both noticed the stereo was not fitted correctly and there were gaps above the clock interface and the centre console footwell area. I approached the salesperson and asked they a technician rectify this. I was approached by the technician who was adamant and very rude that only the stereo was removed and that there gaps could not have been them, yet they were not there when I dropped the vehicle off. I am extremely unhappy that this recall has taken so long and ruined any value left in the vehicle, then to be treated in this manner by the very manufacturers that are putting myself , my family and hundreds of other families health and possibly lives at risk! Vauxhall should hang there heads in shame and refund/compensate zafira owners who now own scrap metal.

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