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Laura's complaint against Peugeot

Laura Faye


Given courtesy car which was CLAMPED for having no tax, insurance or MOT, after approved used car br

Complaint against Peugeot

I am contacting you to convey a serious complaint against one of your dealerships in Chiswick, Robins and Day. I purchased a used car there two weeks ago, and when I collected it, it had not been cleaned, nor were the alloys repaired as promised. Within two days the car had completely broken down and was completely unresponsive. When I called the branch and explained I had an emergency for which I needed the car that day, I was told they 'couldn't just drop everything and help me' and they refused to come out to collect the car, or give me a courtesy car until the next day. No apology was made, instead, I was told 'I don't know if you know, but cars are mechanical things, and they do go wrong'. I was told I would likely have the car back the same day. They were two hours late dropping off the courtesy car, and did not ask for a copy of my drivers licence. I phoned the branch to check that I was covered under their insurance, and although the receptionist could not help me, she finally put me in touch with the sales person who sold me the car, who reassure me I was insured, and not to worry. Robins and Day made no contact with me for a week and a half, and when I did manage to get hold of someone to ask what was going on, they told me they were replacing the battery. When my car was ready and I was contacted, I was told I was expected to collect the car myself. When I protested this, I was told they would call me back the same day (Monday) and let me know when they could drop it off. I heard nothing until I called them again on Wednesday, upon which I was promised the car would be delivered that afternoon. This did not happen, and on Thursday the courtesy car I had been driving was clamped for being untaxed, unmoted, and uninsured. I then contacted my sales person and the dealership and explained if my car was not returned to me today, I would have to report it stolen. No apology was made for the fact I had been driving around uninsured for two weeks. My car was delivered back that evening, with a non-working touchscreen. The driver reset it after googling the problem, and it worked briefly but has now failed again. I am genuinely staggered at what has happened, The negligence and lack of care has reached levels I didn't think were possible. I have been a Peugeot supporter for years, and this is the third Peugeot I have owned. You could say I am slightly fanatical about the brand. I am also a PHD marketing student, which partly explains my love of the Peugeot. At no point has anything beyond a reluctant "sorry, but..." been offered to me. I now have a car I have no confidence in, and genuinely the worst experience of customer service and downright criminal negligence I could imagine. I await your response. Yours Sincerely,

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