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Mrs Nicola's complaint against Vauxhall Motors

Mrs Nicola Coombes



Complaint against Vauxhall Motors

Hi I have recently had a problem with my Vauxhall Astra Excite , I left it parked with the handbrake on in a car park it was on a slight incline 20min later the car started rolling down the hill and crashed into a wall I recovered the car to Eden Vauxhall in Exeter who say they have tested it and there is nothing wrong with the handbrake so there is nothing they can do. I was telling this to my work colleagues and one of them said they have the same car and it has rolled off their drive three times Vauxhall say there is nothing wrong again I have looked online and this seems to be a ongoing problem they say the brake pads heat up when driving and when they cool they shrink slightly and release,I am worried that my granddaughter could have been in the car seat at the time will it take a serious accident for them to admit there is a problem with the hand brake. Vauxhall just prefer to save money then look after their customers welfare! I guess they will Wait until someone is seriously injured then they will be forced to take Responsibility. Eden Vauxhall in Exeter have also provided such poor service, seeing as they are supposed to provide me with a car, which they havnt, however they sent someone to pick me up and take me to work, until they didn't take responsibility for the handbrake they called me and said they won't be picking me up. Leaving me stranded at work! Shocking customer service all round.

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