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Shadelle's complaint against Vauxhall Motors

Shadelle Morris


Failed MOT scam

Complaint against Vauxhall Motors

Took my (in warranty)Astra for its first mot and service at an official Vauxhal garage and was given a curtsy car for the day (which actually had the same fault as my car). I recieved a call 4 hrs later saying that the service was complete but the car had failed it’s mot as my main beam lights are wonkey and that i need a complete new headlight costing £400. The technician statted he’s had never seen damage like this before. (Even though the car they lent me one of the lights was pointing to the floor). I asked the technician if my car was under warranty for this, he said yes but they were unable to honour the work because I had a small bump on my boot which had caused the damage to the front light. I was very confused by this , as it made no sense to me what the back of the car had to do with the front. But he went on to say the back and front lights are connected. In the end I refused to pay the £400 and rang my local garage. I explained what The car had failed on and he said bring the car in it will take 5 mins. He adjusted the light to the correct legal hight (took 2 mins) and was gobsmaked that they failed the mot on this as the car is under warranty and said they nearly had a extra 400 out of you. He said the car defiantly dosnt need a new headlight it just needed the light adjusting.The best part he charged me FIVE ENGLISH POUNDS for his work. I am so angry about this whole situation, Vauxhall saw me as a vulnerable and unknowlagable woman. I believe the technician tried to make it seem that the work was essential and actually lied about the extent of work that needed doing in the first place(would he have charged me £400 to just adjust the light) he came across quite patronising saying that if he dosnt fix it he would have to fail the car(ok but it’s already failed) and the work is so expensive because they are approved Vauxhall parts. On top of this he broke my iPhone charger , which I made them replace. I wouldn’t have usually complained about a charger but as they tried to rip me off and get the upper hand I felt I had to bring there technicians imcopataciys to attention. I have yet to tell them about the courtasy cars wonkey headlights also being out, which they had me illegally driving around in !!

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Shadelle Morris | | VERIFIED

Just a update ... driving my car 2 days after Vauxhall mot and service no heating in car and also engine management light coming on and car missgireig over 50mph
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