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Elisa's complaint against Vauxhall Motors

Elisa Simmonds


Vauxhall Corsa fire the next working day after really work was done

Complaint against Vauxhall Motors

I had the vacuum pump safety recall for my 62 plate Corsa. So it took it to the Vauxhall main dealer where all servicing has been done from new. This was Friday afternoon and I didn't drive over the weekend. On Monday I drove the 4 mile commute and back then parked up. 15 minutes later the car burst into flame. It is a write off and my home and that of my 95 year old neighbour are damaged. I informed Vauxhall (case ref srno489214-1231205889) and they have had me running around arranging to get them access to take away parts and inspect the car then.... nothing, no support, no admission at all. Even my insurance company has suggested I sue as they say it will take them a very long time to get the money from Vauxhall if at all. I am stuck with excesses on insurance claims hire car costs and a wrecked house. It is fair to say that I am furious with the lack of customer service from Vauxhall.

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