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Samantha's complaint against Vauxhall Motors

Samantha Foster


[RESOLVED] - Wrong tyres put on and charged without consent. Despite stating I need Dunlop tyres becuz of my job

Complaint against Vauxhall Motors

On the 13th of October I phoned vauxhall Bristol Street motors in Crewe Cheshire to book a service and to have my NS passenger window motor checked as this was faulty. I Was pleased when they could book me in for a service on Wednesday 14th October.  I brought my car in at 9.30am on Wednesday 14th October. I was told at 12.15 that day that my back two tyres were on red and it was recommended I keep an eye on them and get two new tyres soon. The sales representative said that he could do them today but he has only got budget tyres in stock but could get some Dunlop tyres in today and get them fitted today. As I clearly stated that I only have Dunlop tyres and do not have budget tyres due to the nature of my job I travel on average 7,000 miles a month as I drive across the whole country so it is very important that I have a tyre I know and can trust. He originally quoted me £110 per Dunlop tyre. After asking if there was any leeway with the price he said the best he could do was £95 a tyre as they don't make a lot on tyres. He did however say, he'd see if he could get it reduced so more. I was very pleased with this and agreed to get the tyres done.  Later that day he phoned me to ask if I needed my car back as the motor ordered for my NS passenger window motor fault would be in stock tomorrow morning (this being the 15/10/15). I said yes as I needed the car for work, they arranged for me to pick up a courtesy car so I could leave my car there so that all the jobs could be done at once instead of me going back and to. Up to this point I was very pleased with the service and efficiency of communication. However when I picked my car up today straight after finishing work I paid for the services and drove home. To then sit down and read over the invoice and look at my new tyres to my absolute horror finding no Dunlop tyres on my car, instead evergreen. Now I have never heard of this make, and have done some research to find that they are budget tyres. I agreed two new Dunlop tyres at £95 each and without my knowledge or consent they have put on my car two evergreen tyres, even after stressing to them the importance of safety and Dunlop tyres due to the nature of my job. Undoubtedly breaching the terms and conditions of business under service and repair point 20. 'the company will promptly contact the customer to obtain approval'. In addition on the vehicle health check document it is stated several times that I declined the suggested jobs. When in fact I was never asked about the jobs in the first place. These jobs included, antifreeze requires topping up, emission control service recommended, air conditioning decontamination recommended, 1litre top up bottle of oil recommended, and wax oil brakes. I am undoubtedly stunned and extremely upset. I do not wish to drive with these evergreen tyres but I do not have a choice as I have work tomorrow and cannot get access to another vehicle. I feel vauxhall have breached the right of consent, confirmation, and authorisation and also bypassed the safety of their customers.

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Vauxhall Motors resolved this complaint

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Samantha Foster | | VERIFIED

Fantastic customer service! Problem sorted.
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