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Ceri's complaint against Vauxhall Motors



Zafira fault

Complaint against Vauxhall Motors

I have had my Zafira recalled due to a technical fault in the heating system, now I have had a letter saying about a second recall this is really worrying as I have 3 very young children and what would happen if I had to get those 3 children out of the car quickly and safely without putting their lives at risk especially if it happened when on a busy road and them running off etc as two are toddlers.. I am literally scared to go out in my car which I thought was safe for my family.. surely I should be able to get a refund to buy a safe car as how am I supposed to buy another family car when I'm not going to be able to sell a worthless unsafe car .. This is distressing and very worrying, how many more faults are going to occur on these unsafe cars !!!

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