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Joe's complaint against M25 Chauffeurs Ltd

Joe Navarro


Con artists!

Complaint against M25 Chauffeurs Ltd

I hired a White Bentley with white interior and when the car arrived it was a creme coloured Bentley with beige interior!! I specifically said that I didn't want this car and they sent it to me. I spoke to the owner and he was shouting at me and being very rude. He would not reason with me and would not give me any form of monetary compensation for their mistake and just wanted to put the blame on me and say that I should have called them and they would have replaced the vehicle. If I did this, then we would have been late for our restaurant reservation and I did not want to spoil my wife's day. The driver did not how to control the air conditioning and heating certainly didn't know how to drive properly, driving like a taxi driver and not a professional chauffeur driver. He didn't even wait for my son to put his seat belt on before driving off and when I highlighted thus to the owner he said that we are responsible for my son to have his seat belt on.....What???? Is this man for real???? I sent a letter to their so called registered address 4 weeks ago and it has been received back 'return to sender'. So now they are advertising a false registered address!! Trading standards will hear if this font worry and small claims court here I come! I tried to be fair with this man but he would not compromise and I am not letting him get away with it that's for sure.... arrogant man!!

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